Saturday, July 26, 2003

You're Never Alone with Summer Rain

I have a wonderful family!

Sometimes it amazes me to look at my children - I mean really look at them. It's like a shock to my system... how did they get so big? How is it possible that such perfection comes from myself? How is it possible that the tiny helpless little creatures I held in my arms those years ago are the same creatures I see before myself now? And yet they are... "they grow so fast" is no longer a mere cliche in my mind, but wisdom whispering to pay attention. My son Wesley is 10 years old now, already. His height brings him to above my shoulders. Someday real soon he is going to tower over me. My daughter Raven Dawn is almost eight. Is is a dainty 50lb girl who who somehow knows what it means to be a girly girl (unlike her mom). They are my children. They are mostly busy with kids stuff.

My boyfriend Duncan both completes our little family unit (I always said that when Duncan moved in with us he made our house a home) and brings with him a greater extended family that is wonderful to be a part of. Duncan is currently the Consituency Office Manager for Calgary Varsity's MLA Murray Smith. He will be 25 years old (soon enough) and is starting his Masters Education at the U of Alberta after completing TWO Undergraduate Degrees last year (BA History, BA Political Science) at the U of Calgary. Duncan works hard, rides a mountain bike, likes to watch movies, argue about politics and he Blogs. He loves to play video games, likely his most favourite hobby, and currently is playing his way through KOTOR again (this time as a dark Jedi). You can read about his Jedi Travels too!

In the shelter of each other we face the world. I know that together we can handle anything.

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