Saturday, July 26, 2003

Arms and the Man

For an interesting and well informed view of the latest round of social and economic inequities in Iraq you could check out Major Barbara's blog (as recommended to me by a friend). She explores and discusses the economic motivations behind certain American policies and isn't afraid to approach issues head on. Go read about the 1.6 Billion dollar oil recovery program and see if it leaves a bad tatse in your mouth.

In other news, apparently Iraqi's are glad to be rid of Saddam's son's, but would like the US to get on with it - killing Saddam's son's have done little to repair their fractured infrastructure and power grids - and they want utilities restored, please and thank you. I would have to agree with Duncan on this one, the US is not doing the best job that it could be doing in Iraq, and considering its past history of broken promises when it comes to restructuring/rebuilding, I don't know if we can expect them to do the Iraqi's any good by the end of this conflict. I am almost positive though, they will do themselves some good.

"It's about the economy, stupid."
- Bill Clinton

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