Saturday, July 26, 2003

I almost forgot!

Almost missed this post. Took a whole bunch a meds to make me feel better, so I hope with a little break I can get back onto track.

Looks like, if I am not better soon-ish, Duncan will have to go see the movie tomorrow with his Dad. We had planned to see Johnny English. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Grandma was here earlier, over for tea. She brought photo's for me to look at. I love her photo albums. I love seeing Duncan's tracks as he grew up to be the Duncan I know today. It was a nice visit, but I sure hope I didn't give here this flu thing. Yikes. Well, Wesley was sick yesterday (threw up all over me so I guess I was doomed from the beginning to suffe through this...), and I phoned mark earlier to make sure he is ok (he is at his Dad's for the weekend) and he is still sick. Lets hope I kick this thing fast. I don't need it.

PS. I am excited to be almost done. Well, we are over half way any hows.

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