Sunday, July 27, 2003

Watching from a distance

Allie has been blogging for 19 hours straight and it has been a rather odd experience for me. I, for the most part, have no idea what she had been writing about. I am an observer to her physical state, bringing food and what not, but on the whole, I have been absent to the process. She has laid down for half an hour, and asked me to do a guest post, so here I am. Now, what to blog about...

Watching Allie do this, I am reminded of doing essays in university. Being the constant procrastinator that I am, I rarely worried about an essay until there was only hours left to do them. In fact, 10:00 the night before it was due was the traditional time I actually sat down to said essays. So it is a kind of odd trip to the past of sitting late at night, with some coke and in front of a computer writing when all of the lights in my townhouse complex are extinguished except for our own. Deven is still here, playing Zelda (he is about half way done the game, having come over before to play it overnight) but my cat has long since given up and passed out after a hefty catnip dose.

Regardless, this still isn't a real post. Hmm... reading Photojunkie's blog has made me think we need a real camera. I don't like my picture being taken but my Grandma came over today and shared some older photos of me and Allie shared her meagre collection of photos of me. I say meagre because as an adult I now feel enough ownership over me to stop photos from being taken and have cleverly shied away from cameras. I wonder if I am being too harsh. So with that in mind, perhaps I should get more on finding an appropriate camera for our family and get over my phobia of having my photo taken. Then the question becomes digital v. film. Being the geek I am, I am drawn to the wowee factor of a digital camera, not to mention virtually unlimited shots with no development costs for shots that can be stored on a computer and used for things like blogs. Then again, film cameras are ridiculously cheap and I am about to head back to university. Well, good ones aren't cheap, but ones that would more than suffice for our purposes.

I have blogged about this before (on my blog, silly). Perhaps this is a sign. Also, a new(-ish) camera would make Allie happy. And I am all about making Allie happy.

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