Saturday, July 26, 2003

Stormy Weather!

All of a sudden a huge Lightning Storm is upon us! Typical here of our ferocious Summer storms where the lightning is so close and you can feel the thunder reverberate through your jaw bone. Normally, I would just turn my computer off during a storm like this and wait until it passed before booting back up again. Can't really do that in a Blogathon though can we?

I decided that I would try to assess just how great the risk is to my computer, so I checked the internet, ofcourse. Apparently there is a greater risk of power surges from lightning which could possibly enter through the power and telephone lines, then from any other kind of regular electrical damage. But I have carefully considered the current state and have decided that the risk of my house actually being hit by lightning is pretty minimal. And even further to that, given that my house was hit by lightning when I was a child (it melted out telephone) I doubt the odds of my house being hit twice in one lifetime are very high.

So the Blog goes on...

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