Thursday, July 24, 2003

Girls Kick Ass.

Went out for coffee with Jolene tonight (at Higher Ground in Kensington) and it was fun - we talked about girl things, did some hair stuff and she painted a cute flower on one of my nails. Oh my goodness. I am a girl! I have decided that the best part of being a girl is that it is fun to be pretty. I have spent most of my life in boy focused environments doing traditionally male jobs, and I realize that there isn't much difference between me and a guy. Anything they can do, I can do better (winks). Yet there is much that is special about being a woman. We are mysterious and beautiful creatures.

When I was a younger girl, and considering getting married, my Great Aunt had some advice for me that she really wanted to pass on. She took me aside and said "If you want to keep your man, put on make up everyday". In the harsh judgement of my youth, and being both a Tom Boy and a child of this generation, I rejected her advice mostly as old fashioned poppycock passed down in a patriarchal society. I may have even felt a little resentful that she wanted me to play the role of the submissive little woman who knows her place. But now, 16 years later, I look back upon her message with a wisdom garnered slowly over that time, and I realize what she was really trying to say.

What my Aunt was trying to articulate to me that day, was more of this: Taking care of yourself - your pride and confidence in your own body image illustrates that you love yourself AND the person you are with. Some women let themselves go once they are married because they believe they do not have to be attractive anymore, or that it is now too much work, but taking care of yourself (and it doesn't have to be putting on makeup) shows pride both in yourself and them. I am happy that my mate finds me attractive. I am willing to be more creative in my self expression when I feel attractive and it makes me happy to be pretty.

I am no beauty expert, and I am not always a girly girl (ok, maybe hardly ever), but I am happy to have found the wisdom in my Aunts words all these years later. I am confident that my beauty is not a threat to my intelligence (as maybe some of my more feminist friends would have me believe), and I might as well dress like a girl, cause well, I AM a girl! I am lucky to have girl friends around me to teach me how to do more girly girl (never learned when I was younger) things, cause it really is kinda fun.

A lifetime ago, when I was working my way into what seemed like a male dominated world, I often wondered if I would give up being a girl if the chance was offered. But having traversed those obstacles and dispelled those myths, I realize that now this is MY world, and I like being a girl. Girls Kick Ass.

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