Saturday, July 26, 2003


So I took a whole bunch of pills (a nice little assortment of Flu meds and Painkillers) and feel asleep on the couch, so I am feeling better already. I was dreaming about something when I was snoozing, but I can't remember what now. Its all hazy and the memory faded too fast. As I usually remember all of my dreams, I can likely attribute this to the drugs I just took.

Because of this little episode I was thinking about dreaming.

I always have the most interestingly vivid dreams, and lots of them have a real feel quality to them. Lots of my dreams cause me to ponder, atleast breifly, what it is that my mind is trying to tell me. I certainly am a dreamer (daydream all the time as well) and do work out all sorts of complex problems in my sleep or daydreams. I think maybe lots of people do, but they just don't remember their dreams long enough to get any benefit. I no longer keep a dream journal (did when I was a kid), but still recognize that dreams are an important tool of communication between my conscious and sub conscious minds.

I dream in color. I have never dreamt in anything else, and surprising enough I have discovered that this is not always the case with people - lots of people dream in black and white, or both. My dreams are usually intense, and despite having been told that you can't die in your dreams, I have dreamt of dying (all the way to the black out of death) about 6 or 7 times. These deaths are usually from falling or murder of some kind. Interetsingly enough, everytime I dream of nuclear war I survive.

I can dream lucidly, which means I can control my dreams and my actions in them (almost like a director in a movie). I can influence the outcome of a dream, or tell myself to just wake up - I did this alot as a pre teen when I was having scary dreams every night.

My dreams constantly challenge me to consider if I am awake or not. Where does the dream world end, and the "real" world begin?

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