Sunday, July 27, 2003

Why do men think that women are after their money?

This is a challenging topic for me to write about, for a couple of reasons. First, and the most obvious, I am not a man and therefore have a limited understanding of why men think the way they do. Secondly, I don’t have a concept myself, as a woman, of loving someone, or being with them, just for their money.

So why write about it at all? One of my sponsors asked me to… and I am always up for a challenge.

So… Why do men think that women are after their money? Well… some of them are. Some women have been raised to believe that the man they marry will take care of them, and therefore believe that a man makes money to both spend on them and be spent by them. Other women are more malicious with their intentions and actually assume ownership over a man’s monetary resources and future earning potential.

I think that for men, the amount of money that they earn, save, invest, spend and ultimately associate with themselves becomes a part of their self identity and security. Most men earn more money then their partners, and therefore have more money to be nervous about losing. If a man doesn’t trust his partner, or has previously experienced a divorce where they have been monetarily “punished” they might begin to worry that every woman is potentially "out to get them just for their money."

However, thinking like this could ultimately be very detrimental to forming permanent trusting/romantic relationships with another human being. Lack of trust is both a serious impediment to the natural progression of a relationship, and perhaps a warning signal to the man that the relationship isn’t right for him in some way.

Each circumstance should be considered carefully as it arises, and depending on the consequences to the relationship, be dealt with on an individual basis. While a man worries that all women are after his money, he runs the risk of missing that perfect woman he would gladly give it all to anyways.

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