Thursday, July 31, 2003

It's Only Rock and Roll, but I like it!

We just got back from the Simulcast of the Toronto Rolling Stones Concert... it was great! I love the Rolling Stones! I love how sexy their music is! It looked like it would have been so much fun to be one of the 500 000 people there in TO - but as we had decided alot earlier not to go (given expenses coming up and all) this was the next best thing! Duncan says next time the Stones come to Canada we have a date to go!

Anyways, it was good - we saw ACDC as well, and the 90 minutes of the Rolling Stones... "we" (by we I mean the crowd) eventually "convinced" the security gaurds to let us dance on the floor of the Saddledome, which was soon full as we all spilled over the boards and began dancing (dancing at some point quickly turned into moshing and crowd surfing amongst clouds of ummm... flowery smoke...). WAY more fun to be out there and moving around to the music then sitting in a chair with the other more sedidentry people. Lots of cheering, singing, dancing and it almost felt like a real concert! I LOVE DANCING!

Duncan and I walked down 17th ave to find a place to eat after the concert let out and eventually settled on a wonderful Italian resturant by his old High School called Fiore. We shared the soup, which was Spinach Sambucha Bacon Soup. It was both delicious and interesting (the Sambucha gave it a very sweet taste). I had a half order of Fettuchini, but couldn't finish it. Not bad for someone who has been on liquids only-ish for 4.5 days. Was proud of myself.

We were going to go out dancing with a couple of friends (who I know are reading this...) and their plans changed at the last minute - so I am issuing fair warning that we are all going to reschedule for after Edmonton. Dancing, who can get enough of it? Anyways, it was actually a pretty full evening - so I am going to finish blogging and go get ready for bedtime!

Long Live the Rolling Stones!

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