Friday, July 18, 2003

What is it about Hot Summer Nights?

Thanks to BJ for this Quiz! And I have to agree with him - sometimes these tests just confirm the obvious. But hey, when you've got a good thing, you might as well enjoy it! Party on.

Blinking Smiley

You are the horniest of the horny. You want a**, and you want it now. Look out world, because you are on a mission.

How Horny are YOU?
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Anyways, it's 3:00am, and the night/morning is going well. Duncan is having fun, the game is great (watching is like watching an extended movie) and we even still have some grapes (what a great idea that was... I rock!).

HmMMmmm. Just realized today is Friday. Going to the Friday Five site to see this weeks questions... I work at the university later on today so I will blog them then! Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am tonight!

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