Saturday, July 26, 2003

A coup d'état?

President Gloria MACAPAGAL-ARROYO was sworn in as President of the Phillipines in 2001 by the Supreme Court after the previous President was found unfit to rule in the face of mass government resignations (CIA).

Today, according to news sources, dozens of armed men, calling themselves the "Soldiers of the Nation" stormed a major commercial center in Manila’s financial district, only hours after the President herself had ordered the arrest of the mutinous soldiers, who deserted with their weapons, and are believed to be plotting a coup.

The "Soldiers of the Nation" issued a statement early today demanding their government resign. The group states they are prepared to die to force regime change at this time.

“We are not attempting to grab power,” said Antonio Trillanes, one of the "officers" Arroyo had ordered arrested. Trillanes adds, “These explosives are set to defend our position. If they try to take us down, we will be forced to use (them)."

Not attempting to grab power? Whoa, talk about misunderstanding the consequences of your actions.


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