Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Congratulations Raven!

My Valedictorian

Raven graduated grade six, with Honours! Not only did she receive the commendation of the Academic Excellence Award she was also chosen as Class Valedictorian - something she managed to keep a secret from me until it was time for her to go up and make the speech (which she also wrote herself). Raven also earned an A in PE - something she has worked very hard for! We are very proud of her - Congratulations, Raven - way to blast away elementary school!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Still Awake...

But very excited that Duncan is coming home today!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I am coming to a sad realization...

I've been a Vista user now for about three months - those three months have been characterized somewhat by disappointment and frustration (Duncan even managed to break Vista in the first week). Don't get me wrong, the Northern Lights screen saver is AWESOME (I could stare at that for hours) but a screen saver does not an OS make! Everything else, even the new Office 2007, has presented it's own challenges. It's slow, it's not compatible (whose brilliant idea was that?), something (I'm not sure what) is sucking my ram, sometimes I have trouble connecting to the internet, and the security features (as illustrated so well in the ad above) drive me crazy. I don't need all these extra steps in order to get something done or sent, and to be frank the things that Vista decides on it's own to disallow bugs me more than you can know.

I almost bought a printer last month, it was 50% off. I asked the salesperson if it would work with Vista and she shook her head sadly and said "No." I found myself quipping in apology "thats okay, my laptop doesn't work with Vista either..."

Now it seems that a Mac will be joining our previously PC only home. I am sure the side to side comparision will be documented.