Friday, March 31, 2006

Vote results are in...

It's 55%.

Obviously the speech wasn't good enough. But then, a vote like this shouldn't be based on a speech - it should be based on things like winning a majority government with a four year mandate or bringing down a great budget or having a 70% approval rating with Albertans. What will these Albertans think of us now?

This saddens me greatly, and to be honest I don't know what these people were thinking. I predict every single one of them will regret voting yes at some point of time in the next few months.

Live Blogging: the PC Convention Begins

Good Speech, typical stuff. I was touched by the passion with which he spoke about his caucus, and when he spoke about Clint Dunfords bravery in his fight with Cancer he cried.

Now we have to wait to see if it was good enough.

We're on Ralph's Team!

We are heading off to Calgary for the AGM in a couple of minutes... it promises to be full of drama at the very least, but at it's best a whole lot of good fun - it's going to be great to see everyone again (judging from the emails I am getting, everyone I know will be there) and the parties are going to be a blast. Make sure to look for me to get your invites to our Hospitlaity Suites!

For now I am going to leave you with the sentiments of my friend Quynn - you can read his whole post here: I'm on Ralphs' Team.

"What I will say is this: In 1993, the PC Party should have gone the way of the Socreds, the UFA and the provincial Liberals and then swiftly faded from the Alberta political scene. That didn’t happen because (just) enough people in the 1993 election trusted Ralph to do what he said he was going to do and then backed him when he kept his word, even when doing so confounded the ‘experts’. There isn’t a PC MLA elected in 1993 (including Dr. Oberg) who doesn’t owe their subsequent career to Ralph and not a person who worked in that 1993 campaign that doesn’t know the truth of the role he played. For that reason alone, Ralph Klein deserves our Party's ringing endorsement tonight. But as Josef Stalin said, "Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's a Party Thing

There are many indications that the Leadership Review vote will not go in the Premier's favour tomorrow. I appreciate where all of these particulars come from and I understand well the opinions and the anger. I haven't been surprised by many - I traverse the same political landscape as everyone else and I see it changing before my eyes too.

But I am concerned. We have a great Premier, a strong party and an awesome record - let us not throw it away. I reject the notion that the vote tomorrow is a vote for a leadership race and not a slight against Ralph Klein. Yes, I agree that our party needs to get on with it's business and part of that is selecting a new leader and yes I don't believe that we can wait too long to do that. But that's an issue that needs to be separate from the Leadership Review vote.

I know that whatever happens tomorrow night with the outcome of the vote that each vote cast will be made with good intentions. I hope each of us thinks carefully about that as it has been said many times that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Anyway, I know how I am going to vote.

I support my Premier. I will vote No for a Leadership Review.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dave Hancock - Leadership Candidate

The Hon. Dave Hancock, Minister of Advanced Education, said on Rutherford this morning that he is indeed a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Minister Hancock said that he has alot of important work to finish in Advanced Education, which evidenced by the budget is the number one priority for our government. As such, Minister Hancock will continue to focus on doing the best job he can as Minister of Advanced Education for as long as the Premier deems it appropriate, and then he will resign his cabinet position and begin his Leadership Campaign.

He's still In...

Dr. Lyle Oberg reaffirms today that he will continue his quest for the Leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Dr. Oberg continues his efforts to redefine the March 31st Leadership Review Vote, saying that he "sees the upcoming vote to start the leadership race as a vote for Alberta, not a vote against Ralph Klein" and that "the delegates will be deciding upon the timing of the leadership race with their votes this weekend."

While Dr. Oberg appears to be enjoying support among his followers it still remains to be seen if his gambles will pay off with the rest of the Party.

It is interesting that after all of the media coverage Dr. Oberg got on the weekend that no one covered his Press Conference. In actual fact they recapped what the Hon. Minister Hancock said this morning on Rutherford about his Leadership Bid INSTEAD of airing any of Dr. Obergs' statement.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Michael, Where Are You?

Age Enhanced Picture of an Adult Michael Dunahee

I remember well the day 4 year old Michael Dunahee vanished from a Victoria playground outside his home, with his parents and friends near by. I helped look for little Michael Dunahee (we all did) and thats something I'll never forget - the complete and desperate hope that you will find him haunted by the same fear that you will - or worse, that you never will.

Age Enhanced Photo of Michael at 17

No one knows what happened that day, it all happened so fast and there were no clues to help. No one has ever stopped looking - I think we have all held out hope these 15 years that he is alive somewhere, perhaps living with a different name and some fuzzy childhood memories. Now the day has finally come - Michael Dunahee is 19 years old, an adult.

Age Enhanced Photo of Michael Dunahee at 11 years

Maybe he will see the age enhanced pictures of himself and recognize himself. Perhaps he will start to remember small parts of a lost childhood. Maybe someone else will recognize his features or maybe the $100,000.00 reward will now mean something to someone who was previously afraid to speak up...

Michael Dunahee at four years old

If you think that you might recognize this person PLEASE contact your local police authorities, even if you aren't sure... Because when something like this happens, you never stop looking.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

All's Qiuet on the Western Front

It's like the calm before the storm...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogging Oberg's Statement

Surpringsly Obergs' interview was very short and sounded like a Leadership Campaign Speech. Oberg did take the chance to suggest that the Leadership Review Vote was not a vote for or against the Premier as he has already said he is leaving. "The vote at the AGM is a vote for when the leadership race should occur" said Oberg who also added that a long drawn out Leadership Campaign wouldn't benefit our party.

Oberg will hold press conference next week after taking the weekend to consider all the options.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

I saw this morning that the papers were reporting that Premier Klein "skipped out on question period and the caucus decision" to return to his home in Calgary. Actually the Premier was attending "Wine, Dine and Klein" a fundraising event for the University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association and Calgary Varsity. People paid a 125.00 a ticket and it's been scheduled for months, long before the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation (or any of us) could have even suspected what might be coming.

I suspect these events have effectively destroyed Dr. Oberg's bid for the Leadership of our party, however I don't think we have heard the end of this - Dr. Oberg, who has been in politics a very long time and is very ambitious will not likely go quietly into the sunset. Expect some negotiations between Alliance Leader Paul Hinman and Dr. Oberg which might see the Alliance with two members asking for Party status. The implications of this are endless.

Alberta NDP "Leader" Brian Mason said "I think it's the initiation of a reign of terror in the Progressive Conservative Party. I think Josef Stalin would never dirty his hands either. He'd leave it to the party members to do it. That
doesn't make it right
." How would he even know what Josef Stalin would do? Brain Mason is a dork. As Dave says, "if Klein were Stalin, Mason wouldn't be around anymore."

Thought of the Day

"If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going."
- Professor Irwin Corey

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The latest in a Series of Unfortunate Events...

Dr. Lyle Oberg has lost his portfolio and has been suspended indefinitely from Caucus.

The announcement is the result of an emergency Caucus meeting (that was voluntarily not attended by the other Leadership Hopefuls) and comes on the heels of some comments made about the Premier - most notably "If I were the Premier, I wouldn't want me sitting as a backbencher ... I know where all the skeletons are"

Well now Dr. Oberg will be sitting somewhere near Paul Hinman and the NDP...

As more details come out it seems that Dr. Oberg also said that "he was prepared to form an official opposition to the Klein government with the support of right-wing colleagues."


Good Media

"Hancock put the boots to a suggestion he wouldn't give up his portfolio for an 18-month leadership battle he couldn't win. Because Hancock insists he can win. "I'm the best organizer I know," he said. So the advanced education minister will submit his resignation sometime before the June 1 deadline and jump into the leadership fray. Good for him. The Alberta Tories need a fight, not a coronation."

Not all Media is Good Media

"If I were the premier, I wouldn't want me sitting as a backbencher ... I know where all the skeletons are."
- Hon. Dr. Lyle Oberg

"... there is a leadership vote coming up, and a week ago I was ready to come up here and say that you should support Ralph. Today I am going to stand here and say you must vote with your conscience. I will not stand here and say you must support Ralph."
- Hon. Dr. Lyle Oberg

Budget Breakfast 2006

We got up VERY early to go to the Annual Budget Breakfast. I really like our Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Shirley McClellan and I enjoy her wit and the way she manages all of the shots the Opposition throw at her. If you want to know what I mean check out the Question Period from today.

We had the pleasure of eating this morning with Mr. Ed Stelmach and his campaign manager, John Baldry. The conversation, and getting to see everyone, made getting up so early this morning (I was very tired) worth it. I can't wait for the AGM... if this kind of "stuff" doesn't get your blood moving then you're either not paying attention or not very political!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Strengthening Today, Securing Tomorrow

I thought the budget was a good, strong budget - and I'm not just saying that because I am a conservative. Of course I have heard criticisms from "some people" but I figure if the best they can come up with to complain about is that there is "increased funding to the horse racing industry" (which is actually rent for the VLT's on their premises and the VLT's themselves generate more revenue then the rent that is paid) then it must be a good budget!!!

How could anyone be upset with this budget? (*coff* Brian Mason *coff*) The original Globe and Mail online headline for the Budget was something like "Alberta Throws Money at Everything and Still has a 4 Billion Dollar Surplus."

I was impressed by a few noteworthy aspects of this budget - the first being the increased spending to Post Secondary Education (which is an issue of mine) - $2.2 billion budget for Advanced Education; a 19 percent increase over last year; $87 million in ongoing funding entrenched in the business plan to cover tuition increases for students every year; $45 million in funding from the Access to the Future Fund; capital support for facilities; funds for enrollment growth and increasing apprenticeship programs; increase in funding for scholarships, bursaries and grants (including rural incentive bursaries); and (among other things) a 6 percent increase in base operating grants.

The other thing I was happy to see was the creation of the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund. I'd say that Cancer is another one of my issues, but really it is something that has touched most of us in one way or another. I recently read a statistic that said that of my generation, sixty percent will be diagnosed with Cancer atleast once in our lifetime. Obviously the impact of Cancer on our society is rising and I don't see why, here in Alberta with a strongly funded research and PSE system, that we can't find the cure for Cancer.

I think the strength of our economy here in Alberta is apparent in this budget - our successes, savings and funded capital projects are unmatched by anywhere else in this country - and I am pleased to see so much going into key savings funds and endowments (which I think is really a key to our future success). I am proud to be an Albertan. We really do live in the best (maybe not the prettiest, but the best) province in Canada!

Duncan and I really enjoyed the Hospitality of the Hon. Minister Dave Hancock at his reception following the Budget Speech. We were very pleased to be invited and Government House is a beautiful building with many neat places to explore (and photograph). Minister Hancock's speech was amazing - he spoke with a passion that fuelled my pride in Alberta even more.

More Government House pictures on Flickr.

Those who Live in Glass Houses

Is it so hard to take some responsibility?

Interim federal Liberal Leader Bill Graham seems to blame the all other parties for the recent Liberal demise in the last election. "We're here because they chose to call an election," Graham said, referring to when the other three Canadian political parties cast the non-confidence vote that put an end to the embarrassment that was our last Parliament and propelling Canada into a federal election.

The results of that election left the Liberal Party with only 103 seats, something they really have no one to blame but themselves. Shortly afterwards David Emerson’s move reduced that number by one and I personally won’t be surprised if we see more conservative oriented Liberals cross the floor in the next few months.

Graham suggests the Liberal Opposition may "vote against the government" when the House votes to accept the Throne Speech on April 4th if they don't like what it contains. I doubt they have seriously thought through the optics of such a threat.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

AUSU - A Travesty of Democracy

The Athabasca University Students' Union election results are in, if you can call it an "election."

AUSU has about 28,898 student members BUT ONLY 105 VOTED IN THIS ELECTION. That's less that 1% (actually 0.36%) voter turnout, or one in every 275 people.

All AU students are required to pay SU membership dues based on the number of courses that they take. The problem is that a vast majority of AU students take only one or two courses but their SU elections are held once every two years making it impossible for most students to vote for the council that will govern them.

In addition to this, students who run for AUSU Council do not run on platforms that are position based like in other Alberta students' unions. After the Council has been elected they decide AMONG THEMSELVES who should be the President and fill the other two VP positions for the upcoming two year term. No AUSU student member has any ability to affect this decision as their Council meetings (which are done by teleconference) are not accessible to AUSU members or the public.

The top two student leaders "elected" received ONLY 63 VOTES EACH. Either of these two people, or any one of the other council members (whose vote totals range from a pathetic 63 to 46) could be chosen to be the next AUSU President.

AUSU execs are paid like other Alberta students' unions but the time commitment for the positions are minimal in comparison. In 2004/05 the President of AUSU received $1,500 per month, while the other execs got $1000.00 monthly and each non-exec council member recieved about $400.00 monthly. It is worth noting here that while their new exec positions haven't been announced (this will happen on Thursday), all of the former execs were "re-elected."

To top it all off the AUSU student member gets close to nothing for their mandatory dues. The last Executive Council even ended AUSU's membership in CAUS, effectively reducing provincial representation for their students in the middle of the biggest changes the Albertan PSE system has ever seen.

What kind of Mandate can this executive claim to have from the students?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dinner with Dinning

Serving dinner to 34 people can seem like an insane thing to do but it is something that our constituency enjoys - breaking bread with our guests. Bob Maskell cooks up the best spaghetti in the western hemisphere and people line up to get it. But the real magic is what happens when everyone sits down to eat.

Provincially our Party's success has been in the strength of our Constituency Associations. The key to that strength is our people. Generations of people who form a unique type of community; people that influence policy from a grassroots level up through the party structure; a sphere of influence that radiates out into the larger community of dedicated individuals who focus their attention on making our Party better (and getting our candidates elected of course).

Jim Dinning said something tonight that resonated well with me - he said that his focus wasn't on being the Premier, it was on becoming the Leader of our Party (ackowledging he can't be Premier unless he attains Party Leadership). He elaborated on his vision for the future of our Party across Alberta. This is not something we have been hearing from the other Leadership Candidates and I realized that this is an element we have been missing from our current state of affairs. We have to remember the Party in all of this.

Hello? Grand Central Station...

I thought my phone had been busy ever since the Premier's announcement on Wednesday - but today is has been ringing constantly - with sometimes the next call coming in even before I am done with the current one! What's all the fuss today, you ask? It's mostly due to the Dinner with Mr Dinning that I am hosting tonight. Wish me luck - it's just one thing fuelling my anxiety today, but it's going to be great when it's done!

I am sure the phone will continue to ring a fair amount between now and the PC AGM but I think that after tonight I won't lament the lack of it's constant bellowing!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Apparently not Conservative Enough

The Blogging Tories won't include me in their blogroll.


we have a strict policy on multiple Canadian partisan blogrolls. If you'd like to be included on the Blogging Tories blogroll, we don't accept blogs that also have the green bloggers / progressive bloggers / blogging dipper blogrolls on their blogs. We add conservative blogs. If your blog is indeed conservative please consider dropping the other blogrolls.

Well I am NOT about to have anyone dictate to me about what content I post or what links I include on MY blog and I am certainly NOT going to justify why I do something to anyone.

When I was at the Legislature in session on Thursday the Speaker was announcing an award that was being given to a boy in grade six. He quoted the boy (who's family had come here from overseas just before he was born) as saying "one of the great things about democracy in this province is that everyone can aspire to be the Prime Minister of this country." Everyone. And it's true. It's not like that everywhere.

So... I don't want to be in their club anymore. Watch out everyone, it's the Conservative Police.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Politics is not a Spectator Sport

So... I obviously have been noticeably quiet these past few days - I can't apologize for that as it has been regretably intentional. There are rumours galore and I have been amazed at how fast news has been travelling this past week - but what has truly surprised me is how angry everyone is.

Anger is the force that motivates the quickest amount of change in politics. It propels people to take action and in some cases can cause them to change their opinions so radically that the entire landscape transforms before your eyes.

It is going to be an interesting couple of weeks - stay tuned!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Now this is the Edmonton winter I am used to... too bad it is the middle of March instead of December (when it would have been cool to have a white Christmas)! It is pretty though - and it might be our last real snow of the year so we might have to go get dressed up and go sledding.

Snowfall Warning in effect...

We are soposed to get 12 - 15 cm of snow in the next 12 hours or so. I love how quiet it is when it snows.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Woman of Vision Luncheon, Edmonton

Today I was honoured to be invited to the Woman of Vision Luncheon here in Edmonton by Ken, who was gracious enough to host an entire table of lovely ladies. The luncheon itself was inspiring - and at times very moving - as the recipients of the awards shared their stories and talked about how they have enjoyed pursuing thier vision while also being successful in their family lives and contributing to thir community, all at the same time.

If you accidently ate the wrong part of a Blow Fish

... and the Doctor told you that you had 24 hours to live, Love Actually would be an awesome way to spend 135 min of it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Hansard Moment...

"Mr. Hancock: Mr. Speaker, I’d also like to introduce to you and to members of the Assembly Allie Wojtaszek. Allie Wojtaszek is a student in Edmonton, and she and her husband, Duncan, are very active in student politics and activities. Duncan Wojtaszek is the executive director of the Council of Alberta University Students. I understood that he might be here, but I didn’t see him. If Allie would please rise and receive the traditional warm welcome of the Assembly."

I didn't realize when I woke up this morning and started my day that by the afternoon my curiousity would drive me to Question Period. Given the lateness of arriving (just moments before it started) I did not even remotely expect to be introduced to the House. Imagine my pleasant surprise - however if I had realized I would be standing up for all to see in the Legislature that day I would have worn something much different than my (very casual) bright white Chech hockey jersey with HASEK splashed across the back...

However Duncan (who has been introduced to the House more times than even I can count) had a much better experience that day - if he blogs about it I will provide a link.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For all those asking me, here it is.

Klein wants leadership hopefuls to quit cabinet (quote excerpted from article, use link for full story)
Updated Wed. Mar. 15 2006 7:55 PM ET

Canadian Press

EDMONTON — One of them, Advanced Education Minister David Hancock, said he was surprised by Klein's announcement. Hancock said he needs a few weeks to weigh his options on whether to resign or pull out of the leadership contest.

"I have a difficult decision to make," Hancock said. "Advanced education has been the government's No. 1 priority. There's lots of things that we've launched that I need to do or get going."

"That's a difficult thing to give up for that long a stretch of time and that wasn't what I was anticipating."

Times just got a little more dangerous

Premier announced today that all Minister's wishing to compete for the Leadership of our Party will announce their intentions by June 1st AND resign their Cabinet Positions.

A full 18 months BEFORE the the actual Leadership Race.

"Don’t the Hours Grow Shorter as the Days Go By ..."

"One minute you’re waiting for the sky to fall...
The next you’re dazzled by the beauty of it all

These lyrics running through my mind... Certainly describes my overall political mood right at this moment, and certainly the provincial political landscape.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eat, Drink and be Dinning

Duncan, myself and our friend Travis went to see Mr Dinning last night at the Sherlock Holmes Pub downtown. Good times, many good and old friends were there as well - including a surprise visit by Blake! We had a blast - fun times. Here is a picture:

More on Flickr. Boy I look a little drunk in that picture... that might be a fair assesment.

Retirement Party

Ralph Klein will announce his retirement on the first day of our AGM (March 31).

Rumour has it that date will be in October 2007 – not really a surprise - and a date that coincides with the 27th anniversary of his first political win (Mayor of Calgary), his 65th birthday and sees him surpass Lougheed’s service by one year.

Premier Klein currently enjoys the third longest administration in Alberta, with Ernest Manning (1943-1968) at 25 years and Peter Lougheed (1971-1985) at 14 years.

They say retirements are a mixture of sweetness and sorrow. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out over the next year.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm only doing this because Daveberta did it first...

Your results:You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.
Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

Good thing Duncan likes Wonder Woman. She's way better looking then Green Lantern. What kind of Super Hero name is Green Lantern anyways?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Love of My Life

I married the Eighth Wonder of the World.

He is sweet perfection - I love him for every reason in the world, and for no reason in particular. He is my best friend and with him beside me all dreams are possible.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Know the Game you are Playing

Don't bring a sword to a gunfight

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Party like it's 2006 or 1206 or 942 or ...

Does anyone know what time it is?

I read a review in today's Journal of a book called "The Lost Millennium: History's Timetables Under Siege" written by University of Victoria mathematician Florin Diacu (and based on the time theories of Russian Scientist Anatoly Fomenko). The book explores an intellectual puzzle that concerned scientists as far back as Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton (who raised serious questions about our traditional chronology) and contains long mathematical arguments including theories on celestial mechanics, graphs and algebraic formulae.

We've known for centuries that legitimate disputes about our history's timeline exist, especially in the biblical sense (Gregorian monks screwed up the birth year of Jesus). But now it seems our beloved calendar could be off by as much as 800 or 1000 years.

According to Fomenko, the Middle Ages did not last 1,000 years, (a time typically explained away as when human progress ground to a halt) but more like two centuries. He believes the mistake began in the 1500s when our current system of counting the years came into effect. Furthermore, some modern scientists using references to celestial events (like lunar and solar eclipses) in ancient documents now believe that our recorded history really begins about 800 AD/CE. For example - the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta (one of the few events in Ancient Greek history that can be given an exact date and therefore anchors Greek Chronology) is dated by Thucydides who mentions three eclipses in the first 18 years of the war (a sequence that scholars had traditionally placed from 431 to 413 BC/BCE). But Fomenko's work shows those eclipses occurred from 1039 to 1057 CE, almost 15 centuries later.

Consider what this could mean.

Ever get that matrixy feeling that time - the concept that drives all of us in one way or another - is completly fabricated and relevant only to the situation at hand?

Given my particular area of study in University, this theory would have a large impact on how I understood certain developments in the human condition. I think I am going to have to get this book.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Domo Arigato Duncan-san

Can there be too much Sake for a birthday girl? I didn't think so either.

So here I am... newly 34 years of age.

Getting old!

Signs That Today is My Birthday

  • Woken up with a lovely cup of coffee and a kiss

  • I had Eggs Benedict served to me this morning for breakfast (when on a cholesterol free diet my husband does not usually permit cheating)

  • Cards and Presents!

  • My Mom called

  • There is a deposit in my bank account (Thanks Mom) with a description of "BR.2499 HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

  • Wonderful emails from friends in my inbox

  • Serenaded with "Happy Birthday" at work

  • Dinner reservations have been made…

Monday, March 06, 2006

From Here to Kandahar

I love my flag - it fills me with a depth of love reserved only for my country - so it hurts my heart to see it draped across coffins coming home from far away. And I know we will see too many more come home before this is over.

Canadian soldiers know that there are risks involved in serving their country. They accept that any military operation is inherently dangerous and that accidents happen. They serve with pride.

As Canadians we tend to be trusting and we believe in the inherent goodness of people. We believe that in any situation people can be brought to their potential and given the right support and resources they can make their world a better place. We believe individual rights should be protected and not oppressed. We believe that all people should have hope, opportunity and the chance to live life with dignity. We believe in the power of family and community and therefore democracy.

Afghanistan is not an easy place for Canadians to be. So much that we take for granted here in Canada is not within the grasps of the people of Afghanistan. It is our nature to extend what help we can and the work our soldiers are doing over there is a neccessary part of rebuilding a country. We want to do this, but it's our caring that makes us vulnerable.

Further, it's not a safe place to be. We obviously can’t trust these people, even if we want to. We need to be vigilant: don’t take off your helmet; remember your weapon; watch your back and as soon as the kids disappear from the crowd take evasive action as necessary.

But we also know as Canadians that we can’t turn our backs on a people in need. We might not be able to trust that these people are making the best decisions right now but I think we have to believe that there is good in them and that they are deserving of a better life.

For our guys over there, don't let the bad guys get you down. It has been a tough week, but you all know why you are there and you see why it is important. Stay Strong. We believe in you.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Disdain for the Democratic Process?

The media and the opposition parties have blown this "story" out of proportion - and they are enjoying every moment of it.

The Premier didn’t throw the document at the Page. From my understanding he tossed the document over his shoulder which, unfortunately, happened to be also in the general direction of where the Page was still standing. I understand that it brushed her shoulder on its way to the floor.

So let’s be clear, he didn’t throw this document AT her. The Page herself has publicly said that he didn’t throw it at her.

So maybe the real issue might be whether or not the Premier needs to respond to his frustration in a more useful manner (don’t we all) but that doesn’t make for a very interesting news story now does it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

For Those Who Have Given Everything

"Maintiens le Droit"

TOGETHER, we combine effort, commitment, hearts and lives to achieve an ideal shared by every Canadian:

That we can live in a world without fear.
Where the weak are protected
And where all are safe.

Leo, Tony, Brock and Peter knew this.

They chose to stand with us at the front of the line

In that place that marks the difference between right and wrong, between good and evil.

- Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli at the National Memorial Service for four fallen RCMP members

Thank you Constable Anthony Gordon, Constable Lionide Johnston, Constable Brock Myrol, and Constable Peter Schiemann. You shall not be forgotten.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dear Prime Minister Harper



The man killed his daughter because she had a disability that thousands of Canadians have (cerebral palsy). Her condition was NOT Fatal or even life threatening. She needed hip surgery to repair her dislocated hip or to replace it. She would never get her surgery. Instead, he killed Tracy while his other children were at church, watching her for the half an hour it took her to die. At first Latimer said that Tracy had "passed away in her sleep...." insisting she be cremated without an autopsy. After the results of the autopsy became available Latimer admitted to killing her and told police he had also considered shooting her in the head before burning her body.

This can never be considered a mercy killing. We can never let a diabled child's murder be less important than the murder of children society feel are more "normal." All vulnerable Canadians need to be protected by the Law.

It is NOT ok to kill your children. It is ok to protect them, to seek the best care possible for them, to help them fulfill whatever their potential may be, to sacrifice all that you have (including your own life) so that they might live well, and to get help yourself if you can't achieve this on your own - but IT IS NOT OK TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN.

Richard Latimer DESERVES to finsh out his entire sentence, if not more. He is a murderer.

For more info read A BREACH OF COMPASSION

Cloudy Sensorium

In addition to being extremely busy I am also sick. I am making a good go of fighting it, but it leaves me feeling tired and well, "woozy" (kind of like being drunk - perhaps due to an inflamed inner ear). It's hard to describe the sensation but when I saw this picture I realized that was exactly how I was feeling!