Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For all those asking me, here it is.

Klein wants leadership hopefuls to quit cabinet (quote excerpted from article, use link for full story)
Updated Wed. Mar. 15 2006 7:55 PM ET

Canadian Press

EDMONTON — One of them, Advanced Education Minister David Hancock, said he was surprised by Klein's announcement. Hancock said he needs a few weeks to weigh his options on whether to resign or pull out of the leadership contest.

"I have a difficult decision to make," Hancock said. "Advanced education has been the government's No. 1 priority. There's lots of things that we've launched that I need to do or get going."

"That's a difficult thing to give up for that long a stretch of time and that wasn't what I was anticipating."

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Elaine said...

Thanks for the update Allie - I really repsect Hancock for having taken the slow and thoughtful approach. Sucks that such an ultimatum has been made...