Monday, March 20, 2006

Dinner with Dinning

Serving dinner to 34 people can seem like an insane thing to do but it is something that our constituency enjoys - breaking bread with our guests. Bob Maskell cooks up the best spaghetti in the western hemisphere and people line up to get it. But the real magic is what happens when everyone sits down to eat.

Provincially our Party's success has been in the strength of our Constituency Associations. The key to that strength is our people. Generations of people who form a unique type of community; people that influence policy from a grassroots level up through the party structure; a sphere of influence that radiates out into the larger community of dedicated individuals who focus their attention on making our Party better (and getting our candidates elected of course).

Jim Dinning said something tonight that resonated well with me - he said that his focus wasn't on being the Premier, it was on becoming the Leader of our Party (ackowledging he can't be Premier unless he attains Party Leadership). He elaborated on his vision for the future of our Party across Alberta. This is not something we have been hearing from the other Leadership Candidates and I realized that this is an element we have been missing from our current state of affairs. We have to remember the Party in all of this.


Benevolent Dictatorship said...

I thought you were part of Dave's Crew?

Allie said...

I am a friend of Dave Hancock!

I am also active in my constituency and have been running a Leadership Dinner Series - Oberg in Oct, Dave in Feb, Dinning in March, Norris in April, Ed in May and Morton in June.

If you want to come let me know!