Friday, March 24, 2006

Who Let the Dogs Out?

I saw this morning that the papers were reporting that Premier Klein "skipped out on question period and the caucus decision" to return to his home in Calgary. Actually the Premier was attending "Wine, Dine and Klein" a fundraising event for the University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association and Calgary Varsity. People paid a 125.00 a ticket and it's been scheduled for months, long before the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation (or any of us) could have even suspected what might be coming.

I suspect these events have effectively destroyed Dr. Oberg's bid for the Leadership of our party, however I don't think we have heard the end of this - Dr. Oberg, who has been in politics a very long time and is very ambitious will not likely go quietly into the sunset. Expect some negotiations between Alliance Leader Paul Hinman and Dr. Oberg which might see the Alliance with two members asking for Party status. The implications of this are endless.

Alberta NDP "Leader" Brian Mason said "I think it's the initiation of a reign of terror in the Progressive Conservative Party. I think Josef Stalin would never dirty his hands either. He'd leave it to the party members to do it. That
doesn't make it right
." How would he even know what Josef Stalin would do? Brain Mason is a dork. As Dave says, "if Klein were Stalin, Mason wouldn't be around anymore."

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