Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dear Prime Minister Harper



The man killed his daughter because she had a disability that thousands of Canadians have (cerebral palsy). Her condition was NOT Fatal or even life threatening. She needed hip surgery to repair her dislocated hip or to replace it. She would never get her surgery. Instead, he killed Tracy while his other children were at church, watching her for the half an hour it took her to die. At first Latimer said that Tracy had "passed away in her sleep...." insisting she be cremated without an autopsy. After the results of the autopsy became available Latimer admitted to killing her and told police he had also considered shooting her in the head before burning her body.

This can never be considered a mercy killing. We can never let a diabled child's murder be less important than the murder of children society feel are more "normal." All vulnerable Canadians need to be protected by the Law.

It is NOT ok to kill your children. It is ok to protect them, to seek the best care possible for them, to help them fulfill whatever their potential may be, to sacrifice all that you have (including your own life) so that they might live well, and to get help yourself if you can't achieve this on your own - but IT IS NOT OK TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN.

Richard Latimer DESERVES to finsh out his entire sentence, if not more. He is a murderer.

For more info read A BREACH OF COMPASSION


Duncan said...

Occassionally it seems more ok to kill your children, but that is more related to whether dishes are done are not.

Allie said...

Following along the humour thread, I do often tell my kids that "some mammals eat their young" which always solicits a sort of faux obedience and a smile from them


But there is nothing humourous or loving about what Latimer did. His behavour can be contrasted with those who have been involved in true mercy killings (those deaths that are considered mercy killings involve people (usually adults) who have a debilitating or life ending disease and the assisted death occurs at the end at a time of the persons choosing - those people are sad, devastated to have lost their loved ones, honest about their role in it, and they serve their sentences if they get them quietly as they deal with their own personal horrors.

Latimer is one of the most selfish and self centered people I have ever seen.

Tracy was a child and deserved the protection she needed as such. Latimers got 5 years to go, Tracy's got none.