Monday, March 27, 2006

Michael, Where Are You?

Age Enhanced Picture of an Adult Michael Dunahee

I remember well the day 4 year old Michael Dunahee vanished from a Victoria playground outside his home, with his parents and friends near by. I helped look for little Michael Dunahee (we all did) and thats something I'll never forget - the complete and desperate hope that you will find him haunted by the same fear that you will - or worse, that you never will.

Age Enhanced Photo of Michael at 17

No one knows what happened that day, it all happened so fast and there were no clues to help. No one has ever stopped looking - I think we have all held out hope these 15 years that he is alive somewhere, perhaps living with a different name and some fuzzy childhood memories. Now the day has finally come - Michael Dunahee is 19 years old, an adult.

Age Enhanced Photo of Michael Dunahee at 11 years

Maybe he will see the age enhanced pictures of himself and recognize himself. Perhaps he will start to remember small parts of a lost childhood. Maybe someone else will recognize his features or maybe the $100,000.00 reward will now mean something to someone who was previously afraid to speak up...

Michael Dunahee at four years old

If you think that you might recognize this person PLEASE contact your local police authorities, even if you aren't sure... Because when something like this happens, you never stop looking.


Beatrice said...

You never stop looking and you can never have closure either. I speak from my family's own personal experience with a missing person. You can't have closure because you are always thinking: Maybe this person is still out there somewhere; maybe one day this person will come home. No matter how many years go by, part of you will always think this way.

Mark said...

My heart shreds when I think about what it must be like. I have a 2.5 year old and I can't imagine him being abducted.

My God......

Sara Metcalf said...

Hi everybody,Yes it is hreatbrakeing that boy turned into a man,or adult.He is now in his 20'sI could remember my school handing out postors of this boy.I useually look into his blue eyes and wonder why anybody would do such a thing like this.It's hard for anybody or anyone to know,of what to do about it,That little boy should have been with his parents,Because then he would be safe with his father and mother.