Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vancouver Island 2007

Vancouver Island 2007
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The winters here in Alberta get the best of me at times; they are just too long. By March, when the place of my birth is unfurling spring's glory in many tiny blossoms, I am more than ready for winter to be a memory. The trouble is that spring doesn't really begin where I live until the end of May (any vegetation trying to grow before the May long week end is past is usually short lived). May is still a long ways away.

So in search of spring I embarked on a weekend adventure - involving Comox, Courtney, Campbell River, Oyster Bay, Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville and Quadra Island.

More pictures here!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Soundwave vs. Dollansky (and CAUS)

"... We do not inherit this Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from Megatron. Lastly, I seek to eradicate unnecessary fees that burden our students. I speak of the portion of SU fees that are paid to CAUS. The Council of Alberta University Students. This external advocacy organization cannot match my superior intellect and brute force!"

In case you're wondering, Stephen Dollansky did indeed win. And so did us humans.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Catch Up - Would you like Fries with that?

This is what happens when I don't alot myself enough time to blog; I fall behind and I make myself feel better with a hefty helping of "blog-catchup." So, without further ado:

Duncan's Lobby Conference is this week and he's been very busy recently putting everything together to ensure a great conference for all involved. Thankfully he wasn't too busy to take me for green beer on St Patrick's Day - a first for me! Being a religion scholar means St Patrick isn't my favourite Saint, so I'd hadn't yet indulged!

When my darling "little" boy all of a sudden told me he needs a haircut and new dress shoes (he wears a size 11 mens now!) I suspected something was up - turns out he had a big concert band competition - the very next day. They did wonderfully, of course, and the Ajudicator awarded his Band with a "Superior" and a "Very Excellent," top marks!

My lovely daughter has always been a straight "A" student, with the lone except of PE, where she always seems to get a "B." While I don't think a "B" in PE class is anything to be upset about, it has become an obsession of hers to increase this mark (she does remind me of myself at times). I do suppose it could be worse, she could discover Facebook!

Duncan was invited by the ATA to be part of thier Political Action conference by being part of their Blogger Panel. Ken Chapman, Nicole Martel, Daveberta and of course, Duncan, spoke to the Political Action Officers about blogs as alternative media, as political tools and about how to have influence in the blogosphere. I was happy to be there and I enjoyed the dialogue. It was interesting to hear the personal motivations and stories behind each of their blogging and some of the questions that the teachers asked are still rattling around in my head, daring to provoke some non work related thoughts. The horror!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Four Years Later...

As Bush sends more troops to Iraq in an attempt to regain control in Baghdad, and as Congress considers alternate measures to bring their troops home, world wide protests mark the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion and occupation. It's a not so happy kind of anniversary, one you hope doesn't have to come next year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Parenting with Love... and Logic?

There are all these books out there about parenting with Love and Logic. I know this because I have read my fair share of them, and up until this exact point of time in my parenting career I would say that they have been helpful and welcome.

I believe that teens are perhaps the most endearing, challenging and important group of people in our society - our strongest critics, our future leaders and eventually, our caregivers. This belief, combined with the memory of my own teenhood challenges and the fact that I love my children, lead me to figure the parenting teenagers "stage" would be easy. Or at least, easier for me. Because I am just that good.

Boy, was I wrong. And it really has nothing to do with Logic...

"Raising teens is like trying to nail jello to a tree"
- some poor, unknown parent of a teenager

I really do try, but there are times I am still on the recieving end of "the look" again (if you're a parent of a teen I am sure you know this one - it's the "You're so Retarded" look). I can't wait to be smart and cool again! Can't they see how totally awesome I am?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finally, a gift you can send to your 'frienemies'

What do you get that wannabe Wise Guy who already has everything? The plush severed horse head! Same effect - no mess!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speech From the Throne

How'd they know I was coming today?

Monday, March 05, 2007

New Camera!

New Camera!
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Here is one of my first pictures taken with my new camera. I have seen this picture for some time but have never had a camera that was able to capture it like this! Obviously, still much to learn, but I am having fun!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Enjoying the Wiikend!

After playing the Wii for the better part of the day we decided to watch the Flames/Oilers game last night over at our pub. Turns out they were showing something called "UFC" instead. I wish I could say I am more cultured for the experience, but somehow I doubt it. I prefer my fights on ice.

Today has been Wii, Wii and even more Wii. I know time is a luxury and we have taken a lot this weekend to relax and have fun, but damn, this Wii is way more fun then I could have thought! Nintendo has outdone itself, and it's not just the games. We are also enjoying the little extra's like our Mii's, surfing the internet and looking at our pictures on the TV.

Since I have my new camera now too I have also spent some time surfing through the many pages of Flickr, trying to get some ideas for shots I would like to try. I've added some brilliant pictures from all over the world to my Flickr Favourites, which I am hoping you can see if you click on the link. It's hard not to be inspired by these pictures - we live on a beautiful planet with a lot of interesting people.

The kidlets come home this evening and I am really looking forward to having them home again. I and hoping they enjoyed their weekend as much as we have ours.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chronology of a Wii

Forty Wii available!!! This must have been what it was like
when Jesus turned all that water into wine...

Hey... What's a PS3?

05:30... The "O" stands for "Oh my god it's early!"
The people in front of us have been here since 1:30am.

Starbucks opened at 6:35am.
There was much rejoicing!

Just an hour to go now... the line up is much longer
but the wait is much easier in the sunlight.

They handed out the tickets at about 9:10 am
- we are actually going to get one this time!


Next we drag our mattress and bedding down to the living room and gather the neccessary "weekend supplies."

Zelda, here we come!