Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Catch Up - Would you like Fries with that?

This is what happens when I don't alot myself enough time to blog; I fall behind and I make myself feel better with a hefty helping of "blog-catchup." So, without further ado:

Duncan's Lobby Conference is this week and he's been very busy recently putting everything together to ensure a great conference for all involved. Thankfully he wasn't too busy to take me for green beer on St Patrick's Day - a first for me! Being a religion scholar means St Patrick isn't my favourite Saint, so I'd hadn't yet indulged!

When my darling "little" boy all of a sudden told me he needs a haircut and new dress shoes (he wears a size 11 mens now!) I suspected something was up - turns out he had a big concert band competition - the very next day. They did wonderfully, of course, and the Ajudicator awarded his Band with a "Superior" and a "Very Excellent," top marks!

My lovely daughter has always been a straight "A" student, with the lone except of PE, where she always seems to get a "B." While I don't think a "B" in PE class is anything to be upset about, it has become an obsession of hers to increase this mark (she does remind me of myself at times). I do suppose it could be worse, she could discover Facebook!

Duncan was invited by the ATA to be part of thier Political Action conference by being part of their Blogger Panel. Ken Chapman, Nicole Martel, Daveberta and of course, Duncan, spoke to the Political Action Officers about blogs as alternative media, as political tools and about how to have influence in the blogosphere. I was happy to be there and I enjoyed the dialogue. It was interesting to hear the personal motivations and stories behind each of their blogging and some of the questions that the teachers asked are still rattling around in my head, daring to provoke some non work related thoughts. The horror!

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