Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chronology of a Wii

Forty Wii available!!! This must have been what it was like
when Jesus turned all that water into wine...

Hey... What's a PS3?

05:30... The "O" stands for "Oh my god it's early!"
The people in front of us have been here since 1:30am.

Starbucks opened at 6:35am.
There was much rejoicing!

Just an hour to go now... the line up is much longer
but the wait is much easier in the sunlight.

They handed out the tickets at about 9:10 am
- we are actually going to get one this time!


Next we drag our mattress and bedding down to the living room and gather the neccessary "weekend supplies."

Zelda, here we come!


Duncan said...

Wii!!! I'm commenting from my Wii!!! You are the best wife ever.

michele said...

Cool! Can I come over???

Duncan said...