Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's a Party Thing

There are many indications that the Leadership Review vote will not go in the Premier's favour tomorrow. I appreciate where all of these particulars come from and I understand well the opinions and the anger. I haven't been surprised by many - I traverse the same political landscape as everyone else and I see it changing before my eyes too.

But I am concerned. We have a great Premier, a strong party and an awesome record - let us not throw it away. I reject the notion that the vote tomorrow is a vote for a leadership race and not a slight against Ralph Klein. Yes, I agree that our party needs to get on with it's business and part of that is selecting a new leader and yes I don't believe that we can wait too long to do that. But that's an issue that needs to be separate from the Leadership Review vote.

I know that whatever happens tomorrow night with the outcome of the vote that each vote cast will be made with good intentions. I hope each of us thinks carefully about that as it has been said many times that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Anyway, I know how I am going to vote.

I support my Premier. I will vote No for a Leadership Review.

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