Monday, March 20, 2006

Hello? Grand Central Station...

I thought my phone had been busy ever since the Premier's announcement on Wednesday - but today is has been ringing constantly - with sometimes the next call coming in even before I am done with the current one! What's all the fuss today, you ask? It's mostly due to the Dinner with Mr Dinning that I am hosting tonight. Wish me luck - it's just one thing fuelling my anxiety today, but it's going to be great when it's done!

I am sure the phone will continue to ring a fair amount between now and the PC AGM but I think that after tonight I won't lament the lack of it's constant bellowing!


Jon said...

I was reading the Dose magazine this afternoon and I noticed your other half was quoted in the article about tuition in Alberta.


In case you didn't get a copy I will hold on to the one I picked up for you.

Now I know two people who have been in Dose. Kinda funny!

Allie said...

Cool - they change every day so perhaps I will get it from you when we are in Calgary at the end of the month!