Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Those who Live in Glass Houses

Is it so hard to take some responsibility?

Interim federal Liberal Leader Bill Graham seems to blame the all other parties for the recent Liberal demise in the last election. "We're here because they chose to call an election," Graham said, referring to when the other three Canadian political parties cast the non-confidence vote that put an end to the embarrassment that was our last Parliament and propelling Canada into a federal election.

The results of that election left the Liberal Party with only 103 seats, something they really have no one to blame but themselves. Shortly afterwards David Emerson’s move reduced that number by one and I personally won’t be surprised if we see more conservative oriented Liberals cross the floor in the next few months.

Graham suggests the Liberal Opposition may "vote against the government" when the House votes to accept the Throne Speech on April 4th if they don't like what it contains. I doubt they have seriously thought through the optics of such a threat.


Scott Tribe said...

On the other hand, Harper better stop thinking he can act like he has a majority just because the Liberals are in a leadership campaign. You'd think with how he's acting that he'd won 211 seats or something in January. Last I looked.. being in a minority means you dont get a free ride.

If there is something that deserves voting down (like the sorry excuse of the Tories so called childcare bill they have) then its the Liberals duty (as well as the other parties duty) to vote it down.

If the Tories start trying to blackmail everyone by saying it will force another election, I'd be reminding them the GG is under no obligation to call an election and may ask other parties to form a government and obtain the confidence of the House.

Allie said...

See I was seeing the blackmail working the other way.