Tuesday, March 28, 2006

He's still In...

Dr. Lyle Oberg reaffirms today that he will continue his quest for the Leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Dr. Oberg continues his efforts to redefine the March 31st Leadership Review Vote, saying that he "sees the upcoming vote to start the leadership race as a vote for Alberta, not a vote against Ralph Klein" and that "the delegates will be deciding upon the timing of the leadership race with their votes this weekend."

While Dr. Oberg appears to be enjoying support among his followers it still remains to be seen if his gambles will pay off with the rest of the Party.

It is interesting that after all of the media coverage Dr. Oberg got on the weekend that no one covered his Press Conference. In actual fact they recapped what the Hon. Minister Hancock said this morning on Rutherford about his Leadership Bid INSTEAD of airing any of Dr. Obergs' statement.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....gather a full media room and front page coverage doesn't count for you guys? Funny, Calgary doesn't even mention Hancock.

Allie said...

A full media room means nothing if no one writes or reports about it. And any front page coverage would have been the next day - if you notice the date and time I was listening to the radio for live coverage at the time it was happening, of which there was none (in contrast to their live coverage of his first statement).

Anyway, the race goes on.