Saturday, July 26, 2003

Any time, Any place, Summerrain….

One of the best things about the internet is the glory of odd and crazy pages out there. It warms my heart to know that any cuckoo can have a page and share his or her opinion's with me. There are a lot of pages I come across by accident, and some that friends have shown me. Bless them.

A good three years ago I was working with this guy Eric. We were running an visitor information booth at the U of C together as co-cordinators. Our policy was really easy to write, and so was our training, and faced with the fact that we had hours left to be paid for, he booted up ol' internet explorer (actually, it likely was Netscape, shudder), and he showed me this page:

Land Over Baptist.

It's where the worthy pray. The "unsaved", such as myself, are not welcome (they even post a restraining order against the "unsaved").

I p**sed myself laughing for a couple of hours reading through this site. Save it for a day when work is slow, or you are looking for a gift for Allie.

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