Saturday, July 26, 2003

My Jouranlistic Stint

When I was a more regular student I had the privelege of writing for the student newspaper at the Uiversity of Calgary, The Gauntlet. I had lots of fun as a news writer/journalist and actually had lots of front page stories to keep me busy in the year I worked there. I had a lot of fun, developed many skills, and was actually published. Some of my favourite stories follow:

Fear and Loathing on a Thursday Night
Iron Monkey no battle
Gauntlet Men's Supplement

It was suggested however that I write about my big story of that year, The David Gould Story. Our Campus, as well as Mount Royal Campus, was being targeted by an offender who was sexually assaulting studen women, in broad daylight, right amongst us. It was a story that the local big media neglected, but I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to raise awareness of safety on campus. I wanted women to know they were in danger. I wanted this guy caught.

Working in media gives you a chance to see just how much the journalist can influence the readership and the collective public. Because of this awareness I was always careful with my wording (in News Stories), trying to present that facts to allow the reader to come to their own opinion. But in this case I decided to use my position of influence to get the word out. I let the police know I was more then willing to operate as a tool for them and they in turn gave me the story of the year. I was given the composite drawing of the suspect to publish front page and I scooped all the big papers. They in turn the next day all used my story as breaking news (with minimal credit I might add). It was a crowning moment for sure (Campuses on Alert). As a result of his picture being splashed all over Campus (the student newspaper actually completely sold out that week, within two days) the Police took him into custody that weekend (Suspected Offender Nabbed). Not only was it a scoop, I got what I wanted, and so did the police.

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