Saturday, July 26, 2003

Culture Jamming

I actually get only one magazine delivered to my house (for me ofcourse). Adbusters has long been one of my favourite magazines, I like the way it presents challenging thoughts about the state of our society. Ofcourse, being a student of the Humanities and the culture that we choose(?) to exist in, anything that isn't afraid to take a critical look at the failings of such societal/cultural directions is a welcome reprieve for me. (I often find the touted perfection of our society weary).

Recently, Adbusters helped sponsor the unbrand America campaign, which aired some fantastic (shocking/insulting/challenging) critiques about American culture, idealism and notions of self, debuting on July 4th 2003, and through the rest of the month.

If we don't challenge ourselves about notions we are asked to support and believe how, in the end, will we ever be sure of what was our own thoughts or not?

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