Thursday, July 17, 2003

Baking a cake... and he gets to eat it to!

Ten years ago today I held a tiny 7 lb 10.5 ounce bundle of joy in my arms. Ten years ago today I became a woman and a mother all at the same time. Ten years ago today my son Wesley was born.

Wesley Patrick William Smyth, after 18 hours of labor (today I get to remind him how painful that was, which usually makes him laugh) arrived in my world at 1:56 am on a Saturday morning, July 17th 1993. It was a day, a moment, an event, that changed my life in the most significant yet unpredicted way. I was 21 years old.

It is hard sometimes to believe how much he has grown (in mind, spirit and body) in such a seemingly short period of time. Ten years sounds like a long time, but it has flown by - from babe in my arms to almost my own height (his height is above my shoulders!). From his first steps (which occured at 5 - 9 months old), to riding his bike without training wheels (2.5 years old), learning to read and write (3 years old), winning an award for volunteering (5 years old), scoring his first hat trick (6 years old) to skipping out of school (yes... skipping, 9 years old) Wesley has grown into an amazing person that I am happy, blessed and intrigued to know. I love the way he thinks, marvel at the things he does and try to learn from the way he sees the world and manifests his reality in that world.

He got his presents from us this morning - A Game Boy Player and GB Advance Wars 2 Game from Duncan and I (and some books I had picked up earlier for him) and the DVD Chicken Run from Raven. I cooked bacon and eggs special for breakfast while the Game Boy Player was tested, and after breakfast we watched Chicken Run. Cathy came over for coffee this morning and Duncan and Wes took off to go collect Duncan's long awaited copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game (see Duncan's KOTOR Blog for details). I have baked a chocolate cake (as ordered by his highness), and will finish decorating it as soon as it has cooled - but soon boys will descend upon us and I will need to find some small space to enjoy myself while keeping out of the way of the testosterone...


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