Saturday, July 26, 2003

A Picture's Worth

Any one who knows me, knows that I love pictures. I love to look at them , take them, be given them and display them. I have more pictures then even I know what to do with sometimes. I have always intended to get a nice camera and actually take up photography as a more serious hobby, and I can almost guareentee that when I finally get a digital camera I will start a photoblog of my own.

I like the trend that blogs are taking world wide as a means of reporting on life in different areas; eye witness accounts of events and the real story about how we live and think our ways through each day. I like photojournalism, and appreciate a pictorial journal of an event, it's like being able to see what is really going on somewhere. I guess I am in particular thinking of Kevin Site's Online in Iraq, or atleast before he was asked to shut down the photoblog.

Heres a couple of my favourite photoblogs for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Photo Junkie (also participating in Blogathon this year)

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