Monday, July 21, 2003

Busted alright - and no where to hide!

Ah, Yahoo Msn... Just found this message window on my desktop waiting for me...

kayak_stacey: dude, you gotta get away from the video games. and don't lie and say that's not what you're up to 'cus you ain't been online in days now and that's all duncan can talk about on his blog. busted!! :-)

Well now, it is nice to be missed! :-)

And the rest of the conversation:

allie: lol... theres nothing to hide behind here ;-)
kayak_stacey: LOL
kayak_stacey: i knew i had you busted. i just read your blog
allie: *giggles*
kayak_stacey: :-)
kayak_stacey: coming up for air, are you?
allie: well, actually, was just checking email... and was sort of considering going for a walk. He's still playing
kayak_stacey: okay, well, i gotta go make a call. if i'm not back in ten, i'm gone to bed. in that case, night and may the force be with you... or whatever it is you eggheads say to each other. ;-)
allie: lol. check my blog when you get back. you get an honorable mention
kayak_stacey: Whoooohoooo!!

But, alas, the game must go on! Night Five, and we are at the climax! *WAVES* A quick "HI!" to everyone... And, ah, yeah... May the force be with you!

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