Saturday, July 26, 2003

Girls Game Too

I like to play games. I grew up with some of the first home video game systems (it was called a Coleco Vision) and eventually we got a Nintendo (which was my first major purchase when I moved out on my own, soon followed by a Super Nintendo). But as classic as those first games were (and still are, like Mario Brothers) I think any other modern gamer would understand when I say that the standard for video games has improved to such a degree that playing the games of my childhood again offers little but nostalgia for me.

Preferring consoles, I never have been much of a computer gamer, although I totally love Diablo II and Duncan and I used to play it for hours together over the internet when we were courting, and have since then as well. I have also enjoyed Civ III, the SIMS and sometimes Sim City on the PC.

Since Duncan moved in with us he brought with him his collection of console systems and games (Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, N64, Playstation 2, Game Cube and the XBox) and I have redisovered the gamer in me. Games like Metroid Prime, Splinter Cell, Eternal Darkness, Halo, Zelda: The Windwaker, and yes, even Animal Crossing, have kept me up for many hours. The most recent game addition to our home, KOTOR, has consumed much of our collective family time.

It was suggested to me to blog about my favourite games. Yet, there are so many. All the games I mentioned above are worthy of your attentions if you are looking for a game to try. If you want a deeper review, check out Duncan's online game collection.

Live life, play hard!

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