Sunday, July 27, 2003

I Drive, Therefore I Am.

I have been driving since the day I turned 16, legally anyways.

Driving is an art, and something that not everyone should be doing. Some people think there are good drivers and bad drivers, but I think that the reality is that some people can drive well, while others can't. I personally believe that the latter shouldn't be on the road, yet I have found most of them are oblivious to their bad driving habits and near misses.

I love to drive. I believe that I can drive anything, and would never pass up an opportunity to drive something I havn't driven before. I have driven Army Trucks, tractors, luxury vehicles and even a Zamboni, which may be the coolest thing I have driven so far.

I like to drive fast. Sometimes very fast. I like to know the full capacity of my vehicle in accordance to road conditions and whatever else may contribute to the performance of the vehicle. I know lots of people like to drive fast and I witness people's fast driving sometimes and it is so obvious that they are not in control of their vehicle it is almost like the train wreck you can't help but watch.

A word of advice: If you can not keep your vehicle within the handy painted lines (yes they are there for a reason) on the roadway, then you are going too fast for your skill level. Back off a bit, or you will likely find yourself losing control of your vehicle.

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