Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Cue Hysterical Laughter

I seem to remember my training - filed somewhere within the dark recesses of my mind, a couple of class discussions in basic training about enduring torture/pain and resisting other interrogation techniques... information (believe it or not) that has been useful to me now in my many (sigh) years of parenthood...

How is it possible, that normal-well-behaved-kid-noises can actually pierce through the tender fleshy parts of my mind like a barbed dagger when I have a migraine headache???

It's a nice day outside kids. Shoo.

Well, atleast I can endure my painful headache this morning and still be emotionally upbeat and happy. Yay me! I rock. Pain is all about perception. It makes me realize just how happy I am to be alive, lets me be reflective in my decision not to be a victim but to allow myself to actually welcome and feel the pain that is mine, for the brief time that I will endure it. Pain doesn't last forever, it's not an enemy - its an important part of our experience. Matter of fact I feel better already. I am a survivor.

Spending the afternoon outside in the sun beside the Duck Pond while the kids play in the park will make me feel much better. Bring on the day! Deas Gu Cath!

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