Saturday, July 26, 2003

Good Honest Summer Rain Since 1972

I love school, but I didn't always... That statement would seem to be in direct contrast with the teenage Allie that sought (and succeeded) to find an escape from high school (I quit school at 16 years old, moved out and joined the Army) and from a school system I found suffocating. Eventually, when I was 19 I realized that I needed to finish High School and went back to finish it in a year, with honors. That year began as whet seemed like a neccessity, but with the addition of Law 12 (a locally developed course that I loved), Model UN and Work Experience with the RCMP, I learned that school was a fun place to be, and I discovered that I was most fond of learning.

By the time I began (had children first) University I was like a sponge soaking up whatever knowledge I could find. I am currently a Humanities student working towards completing a BA in Religious Studies with a Minor in Political Science. My main area of research lie within Fundamental Religion/Politics and how they relate to Terrorism (and visa versa), and International Relations.

In the future I am considering doing my Masters in Politcal Science to study terrorism more closely, and eventually maybe even law school. I am also a British Citizen, so I do everyonce in a while think of studying abroad and working in the EU for a while. But we shall see what life brings.

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