Sunday, July 27, 2003

Closing Time?

Not yet! There is only 7 or so more hours to go! The Blogathon is more than half over now. Jessica, one of the blogathon monitors, says that she has heard from some Bloggers that they want to quit, and she has posted the Top 5 Reasons NOT to quit!

1. There is no experience like this in the world.
2. You feel WONDERFUL when you're done.
3. You're a part of something bigger than yourself.
4. Karma comes back to you in the end.
5. You already went half way. Why waste what you've already accomplished? Don't waste 12 hours blogging, spend 24 doing something GREAT. :)

Aw, I could use some good Karma right about now. If I can blog while feeling outright terrible I am sure that all of us can stick with it!

In other unrelated news, our friend Deven has just arrived and Duncan and him are watching Iron Monkey. Good movie.

Hmmm. I am hungry. Thats a good sign, if my body is ready (finally) for food.

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