Saturday, July 26, 2003

Web Comics: Laughter is the Worlds Best Medicine

I enjoy all kinds of humor and take laughter where I can get it. I appreciate a talented and satirical approach to life’s experience within the web comics I enjoy. Often comedy is the only safe way to truly address the human condition and the problems we face individually. My favourite web comics are usually to be found at RED MEAT, I’ll post two here for you to enjoy.

Web comics have a long tradition of entertaining me. The medium has certainly come a long way, and now many different pages of comic entertainment can be found for the pleasure of the seeker, ranging from the traditional dark humor of life's gravest challenges to the more light modern hilarity some people demand.

Recently I have also been enjoying PENNY ARCADE, with it’s portrayal of popular culture and the overall gaming industry/world.


Calvin and Hobbes
Get Your War On

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