Friday, July 04, 2003

OK, I am gonna give the "Friday Five" a whirl...

1. What were your favorite childhood stories?

For a while I read all of the Black Stallion and Nancy Drew stories, Jack London and the classics… but early on in life I discovered books like Stephen King novels, which fostered a huge interest in the paranormal/horror genre that dominated my life until my late teens.

2. What books from your childhood would you like to share with [your] children?

Bridge to Teribithia, The Chrysalids, Uncle Whiskers, and all of the classics (note that doesn’t include Nursery Rhymes).

3. Have you re-read any of those childhood stories and been surprised by anything?

Only by the perpetual sexism/patriarchy in most of the older texts.

4. How old were you when you first learned to read?

I was reading well at age four, before Kindergarten (my kindergarten teacher put me through the grade one curriculum when I was five).

5. Do you remember the first 'grown-up' book you read? How old were you?

I read the King James Holy Bible at age seven. That was followed shortly thereafter by the Unabridged version of Little Women. From then on I barely slept and read everything I could get my hands on!

Hockey News...


I really liked Chris Drury. I think that was the only trade I ever hollered with joy upon hearing about it. I thought just maybe "we" had finally done something right... Well, I sopose we might as well not break the tradition of bad trades in our downward spiral - no, that would be too much to ask.

Sigh, again.

Anyways, I am absent from posting this week as I am more than gainfully employed (being paid $175.00 a day!) in a beautiful place, working outside! Yay summer is finally here! I will post again soon...

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