Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Heritage Park

Today was a long day - we all saddled up to go to Heritage Park. We had a lot of fun... I haven't been there in years, and Duncan had a lot to show me. The kids went on all the rides, but Duncan and I decided that we would go on the Caterpillar. It's a circular ride that was designed with courting couples in mind - once the ride gets going a canopy lowers down over the riders so that they can't be seen by anyone else. It was semi difficult to "make out" on a circular up and down ride, but we sure gave it the old college try. It was fun. We spent some time after that trying to speculate what courting was like "back in the days" and how it is different from today's courting rituals (for example, Duncan and I played Diablo over the internet together).

We ate at the Wainwright Hotel - me still on my "liquid" diet ordered a French Onion Soup only to discover most of it actually more non liquid than not, but c'est la vie; it was too hot a day to eat anyway. The food was good, but the portions perhaps a little too large. We had some fun "girl watching" - or perhaps made fun at the lack of girl watching... I had suggested to Duncan earlier that day there might be some girls in bikini tops to admire out at the park today (he had enjoyed quite the treat the day before at Eau Claire) but we didn't see anyone even remotely close to that state of undress all day, even though it was so very hot.

The train ride home was a blast, we had so much fun, but I almost can't describe it here (you would have had to been there) so I might just skip it. I am pretty tired though from the day - feeling much better though - so I am about to go to bed. Good night everyone!

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