Saturday, July 26, 2003

Urban Legends

”An urban legend is a story or a rumor that originates in obscurity but everybody who propagates it very much believes it to be true”.

Urban legends usually contain elements of humor or horror that often makes people want to believe it, even though most urban legends are false or based on manipulated facts. Urban Legends are not just spooky stories told around the camp fire by people exploiting their youth. Humans in general are oral creatures and love to tell stories. Kick yourself for every one of the following that you have told someone as being “true”:

You will not be killed by gangs (or otherwise) if you flash your headlights at another car that doesn’t have its headlights on.
A baby was not kidnapped, hollowed out and used to traffic cocaine across the Mexican/American border.
KFC does, actually, serve chicken, and not some genetically mutated substitute.
Nobody insured their cigars in order to claim their loss after smoking them.
No, somebody from Nigeria doesn’t really want to give you 30 million dollars (USD, of course).
The flight number of one of the planes involved in the Sept 11th attack DOES NOT convert to a dire warning.

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