Sunday, July 27, 2003

Good Things Happen After a Summer Rain

Well this is it, the last post! I survived, and the Blogathon has been completed without me missing a post at all (although not all the posts are always coherent). I am proud of myself! I really want to say thank you to all my sponsors (I raised $77.00 in pledges for Doctors Without Borders), and thank you to my friends and family that supported me through out the 24 hours straight of blogging, even while I fought back surprise flu. It really was all of you that contributed to my success, and ultimately the success of Blogathon.

This was my first time with Blogathon, and I will certainly consider doing this again next year! I think next year I might have a themed blog like so many of the bloggers this year, but I have a long time to think about it.

Show of Hands Survey from Blogathon 2003

1. How many of you are tired?
(waving hand frantically)
2. How many of you are grumpy?
I am rarely grumpy. What’s the point of being grumpy? It’s over now, this is the last post! I made it! Grumpy is for someone else, not me!
3. How many of you have whined about this not going any faster?
Bleck. I would like to think I haven’t whined about it at all.
4. How many of you thought about giving up?
Giving up wasn’t an option to consider. People sponsored and supported me, and my charity deserved me to follow through on my commitment.
5. How many of you have napped?
I napped. I had the flu. When I was my most ill, I took a whole bunch of meds and they made me very sleepy. Felt better though, and didn’t miss a post.

Well looking back at the night in the cold light of day, the past 24 hours doesn't actually seem that long. I feel happy that I was able to raise money for a charity I believe in. It feels like in some small way I helped out today.

Stats available right now indicate that this years Blogathon was the most successful ever - we had 432 participants and 2991 sponsors, for a collective total of $86,386.95 raised for charity. Thats not a bad job for a 24 hour period. We should all pat ourselves on the back!

I am SO TIRED. I am going straight to bed after this post. Straight to bed.

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