Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A Day Just For Fun!

Today was a blast! Cathy called and invited Raven and I out to share a day at Calaway Park with her and Dakota. This gave Wesley the chance to spend the day with my Mom, so we all went happily off in different directions, except Duncan, who had to go to work). Calaway Park was fun, and we managed to enjoy most of the rides before the crowds got there! Cathy's not much of a ride person, so I took the kids on lots of rides, my favourite being (ofcourse) the Roller Coaster, even if it is a small coaster (Duncan is planning a trip to take me to his favourite Roller Coasters to share with me some "real" coasters). I thought Raven was going to bail on me, but like any respectable parent would, I made her go. She held me hand the first time through, let go for the second round and was begging to go again by the time it was over. I am happy to see she has inherited my thrill for excitement. We ended our time at Callaway Park with the refreshing "splash" in the Log Ride (it was 34 degrees by then) and piled into the car to head out to Kananaskis Country. We spent the rest of the afternoon working on our tans (and girl talk ofcourse) on the shore of Barrier Lake while the kids played in the water. I miss the mountains, so I am planning a camping this summer for Duncan and I. Anyone want to come? Deven?

When I finally got home I had a surprise gift - Duncan had gone out to buy me the DVD of Gangs of New York! Its a fabulous movie (MAYBE EVEN THE BEST OF THE YEAR) by one of my favourite directors, Martin Scorses. I really love how Duncan shares my love of film, it increases the experience one has when watching and rewatching.

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