Friday, March 21, 2003

Yesterday was a special day for Duncan and I, as we celebrated the male equivalent of Valentines Day. It’s become quite the tradition for us as a couple, and I had a wonderful Valentines Day, so I have been patiently waiting to reward him (of course I don’t really need an excuse to spoil him, but I don’t like to pass one up!).

After student led conferences at the kids school, the kids went to their Dad’s house and we went off for steak. We stopped via the University where much activity occurred AND I ran into the “Ex-Wife.” Most amusing… she glared at me from her disdainfulness as if I was supposed to be intimidated or upset by her mean-ness. I couldn’t help but smile at her until eye contact had to be broken as we passed each other. Duncan afterwards pointed out the humour that I was happily humming that kids song “Baby Beluga” by Raffi (we’d had a great time at the kids school and that song was stuck in my head) when I collided with her. She doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of OVER….. but at least she isn’t making death threats against my kids or us anymore.

Well, it’s Friday, work is over and I am off to Moose Maguires, our neighbourhood pub!!! Why don’t you check out this interesting blogI discovered while trying to avoid news of the stupid war…

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