Friday, March 28, 2003

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I was on a road trip once with my friend Cathy, driving across Canada.... and I think it was somewhere in Ontario where we passed the sign for The Yellow Brick Road. Most of you know I have a fetish for odd and interesting road signs, and even today I remain disappointed that I didn't stop to take a picture of it for my collection (any one who has driven across Ontario will be able to attest as to how overwhelming a task that seems at the time).

Anyways, that story was a lead in for the topic on my mind right now. Today Duncan and I are embarking on a (much shorter) road trip to the happening centre of Alberta - Red Deer!!! Well, maybe not so happening, but we are going to be there so watch out Red Deer! Friends of ours lent us their van (thank god for friends!) and after work today we will finish packing and get under way to the PC AGM and Conference. We are staying at the Black Night Inn, and planning for pleasure as well as business (lots of invites to many hospitality suites). The hotel sports an anamzing indoor pool, a whirl pool and a Health Club! I am so excited!

Yesterday I wrote my Psych Exams (three of them) for the Calgary Police Service. How many different ways can you ask the question "Do you hear voices?" I swear by the 400th question I was looking for the "No, I REALLY REALLY do not hear voices" box..... By the time I finished those 800 or so questions..... I was a little disillusioned (re human nature) and ready for a break!

Anyways, all is well with us..... I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who has voted in my Online Poll! It's been fun having it there and soon will think of a new question. While you are here, go sign Duncan's Guestbook!

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