Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well, I had an incredibly awesome weekend - and what better time to make my first real blog post? Exactly.

On Friday Duncan had a really bad day at work. So I did what any good girlfriend would do and took him out to have hamburgers and cheer him up. I even took him shopping and bought him a book (Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, which he read in two hours!!!). Later that night we went out to see the musical Chicago, which I think we both really enjoyed.

Saturday we got to sleep in (one of my favorurite weekend perks) before heading out to grab some mexican clothes to wear to Duncan's boss' party (soon I will post pictures) that night. We ate mexican, talked with loads of people and got slightly drunk! Yay tequila! Duncan lamented throughout the evening that he wanted a vacation - and then he won a $500.00 gift certificate to any Fairmont Hotel!!!! Who says you don't get what you ask for???? The gift package also came with two beautiful bath robes, so obviously we rushed home, had a bath and enjoyed lounging in luxury while browsing potential vacation spots on the internet (I think we are favouring Jasper).

The Jasper Park Lodge, minus snow...

Sunday mornings we normally go for coffee, and this weekend we included our friend Quynn who was visiting from Edmonton. Friends make the time pass and soon we were off to downtown to meet up with Duncan's Dad and his brother Will to watch Daredevil, which I really liked (since Duncan has moved in he has really got me hooked on comic book characters and comic based movies). After Daredevil we got to shop around Eau Claire Market (where I bought some of my favourite incense) and browsed through China Town until heading for dim sum (yummy). After getting home we watched Life of Brian (Monty Python) and I even got chocolate (Allie's LOVE chocolate) when we ventured out to return the movie!!!!

The kids got home a little while ago, and have already gone to bed.... we are getting ready to settle down for the evening - and are watching the weather as this blizzard moves in to engulf us (the snow is very beautiful). My friend Cindy lent me The Poisonwood Bible to read, and I am looking forward to getting that started. I always wish weekends like this never end, but the great thing is that coming home to Duncan any day is like coming home to a great weekend. Bring on the week, I say, bring it on.

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