Friday, March 14, 2003

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Well, I am at work right now..... but it's slow & I am taking a wee break. Reflecting upon my week lead me to realize I hadn't posted in my blog in a while. I am more then happy to inform everyone that my earnest petitions were well recieved by the Chinook gods who were obviously appeased and rewarded us by wonderful weather!!! Yay Chinook gods! That chinook arch (see picture of arch below) lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my face! That bout of cold weather was becoming too much - I am totally an outdoors person and I was getting a little squirrely with cabin fever. I seriously need spring to arrive.

Well this week we purchased DOA Xtreme Beach Volley Ball, a fantasy sports simulation game that appears to have taken over my entire family (even my 7 year old daughter who has never really played a video game for longer then five minutes!). It is an amazingly beautiful game, appealing to all ages with all sorts of activities (volley ball, games, stores, gambling and "pixel shaded bump mapping"). Sigh... I need a vacation! Duncan also got a Game Boy SP and Pokemon Ruby (to be delivered later this month) and Three Kings, which we enjoyed watching again.
I had my hair colored (red and blonde highlights) in honor of the approaching season of spring and admist much excitement, Raven's first adult tooth poked it's way into our world. I was soposed to have my polygraphexam yesterday but it has been delayed until my background check is completed. That was kind of an emotional up and down! But you roll with it as it comes!

I have pretty much got my website up to an acceptable standard, so check it out - Don't forget to pin point yourself on my guestmap! If you are using Netscape you won't be able to see it properly, so try Explorer. Also Duncan added a pictures page to his blog - you can check that out as well!

Anyways, I am at work, so I need to go and finish before I meet Duncan this afternoon!
Peace, Love and Light!

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