Sunday, March 23, 2003

Game Diva: WINNER! I have both technique AND power

"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it."
--Jack Handy Deep Thoughts

Sigh. As lots of you know today, being Sunday, is the day Duncan and I ritually attend our neighbourhood coffee shop to share breakfast and the news. I had tried (really I did) to not pay any attention to the war at all yesterday (and it was a gallant effort – we played video games and shopped and talked about anything but Americans and Iraq). But it was inescapable this morning and I have a reawakened awareness of the reality at hand.

The headlines sure make it hard to ignore a war. Or atleast this war. Some of them even seem to comically exhibit surprise at what I would have thought no brainers…. like “Coalition forces meet Resistance.” Well, they are invading a country, afterall....

I had to laugh a bit at the news reporting that General Tommy Franks had stated that “he didn’t know where Saddam was.” I guess if he did, this would all be over heh?

To read the paper you might be led to believe the world has gone mad. Burning oil fields, dead Iraqi babies, Muslims upset everywhere (the US has a way of making friends) , stupid “accidents,” Soldier attacks own troops, Turkey capitalizes on Iraq situation (The Kurds wont have to worry about Saddam) , an american Patriot Missile shoots down British Plane, helicopter crashes, American Soldiers missing , Ambushes and fake surrenders, POW’s.....

Its not going to be an easy fight. I say that partially from my intuition and from my own previous six years of military training. I don’t doubt that the US will be able to “win” the fight for Baghdad, but I don’t think it will be the cake walk they expected (Peace through superior fire power?). They are going to have to want Baghdad more then the people who live there, more then the people who fight to defend their families, and more then the people who have everything, and nothing, to lose. These are a people who are used to war, used to having little or no resources, who are survivors. They are a people whose religion assures thema place in heaven if they die in this cause. I am not confident that the American's understand their enemy.

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