Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Coach's Cornered in Tyranny

So, he managed to will the game into existence alright, to the detriment of my expense account! But those green eyes of his... gets me everytime! Regardless, Wes and I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping pleasure while Raven and Duncan stayed home to play video games (beach volley ball and DOA3). We managed to come home witha gift for everyone!

Cathy came by today for coffee and the kids played while we talked the morning away. We have made plans for an adventure tomorrow, but the details aren't all planned out so I will likely fill you in after the fact!

In my limited amount of time spent on the internet today, I stumbled upon a little news site with no real current events, like an oasis within a media torrent. It's nice, because the war is starting to grate on me... I enjoyed the stories about the psycho cat and the lost beaver.

Well, we have taken a short break between watching movies (Back to the Future 2&3) - while two pokemon trainers furiously play pokemon - and I thought I would grab the opportunity to blog. Oh yeah, and BOO Don Cherry. Bad boy.

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