Friday, March 21, 2003

It's been one of those mornings, you know the ones where you are in a great mood but feel blissfully dazed nonetheless? So I treated myself to a large Mochachino in an attempt to compensate... hopefully the grounding effects of caffeine will engage me soon. The weather has been great and my life is beginning to be engulfed with the excitement of Spring Fever, it makes it harder to concentrate on the mundane... My walk to work was wonderful, but I daydreamed most of the way and was actually surprised when I discovered myself already in Mac Hall! Even now, tempted by the emergent sunshine, I don't feel completely in my body ~ sort of like when I was a kid, this would be the time when I was happily staring out the window, whilst my teacher, desperate for my attention would be like "Earth to Allie... Earth to Allie.....” Yes indeed. Earth to Allie.

Main screen turn on. It's you”.

Lots of things happening today – “A” Day begun, and it is the first day of Spring, but even more importantly:


Happy birthday Dawn! I miss you!!!!
Dawn has been my friend and disillusioned (innocent?) partner in crime since Jesus was a cowboy. Okay, so maybe she isn’t quite that old, but she has been my friend for 18 or so years! I am blessed with the most wonderful friends, and Dawn is defiantly one of them!

In other news, the students here at the University lost their tuition fight efforts today, in a dismal display by student leaders and apathetic university students (about 100 student’s protested). So much waste, so many misplaced priorities. That’s all I have to say about that.

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