Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Forsaken Fortress Interior

Today's adventure was brought to you by the letter "B"... "B" for Banff! Cathy and I loaded three kidlets into the car this morning, packed a lunched, armed ourselves with cameras and headed out to spend our day in the Town of Banff! The Rockies are great in March, but most of the roadways and trails are still closed until May 1. But we managed to have fun anyways - we drove around the base of Tunnel Mountain, saw a mountain goat and some deer, checked out the still mostly frozen Banff Falls (where we ate our lunch), breezed by the Caves, played in a park and spent some time shopping in town. Wesley got a fur hat, Raven picked out a stuffed dog, I found myself a bear bell (for future hiking activities) and we all picked Duncan up some Jelly Beans from the famous candy store in Banff. But not just any Jelly Beans..... Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (not for the faint of heart)!!! Some of the flavours made famous by Harry Potter are; sardine, spinach, ear wax, and (ofcourse) vomit. mmmMmmMmmm.

The delicacies continued with a visit to COWS. From a selection limited by the winter season, we were able to choose Obi cow kenobi (Raven), Orange Pineapple (Wes) and I had Moo Crunch. mmMMmmm. It truly was a tad bit brisk to actually eat ice cream, but what is a trip to Banff without visiting COWS?

Eventually we had to leave Banff, but on our way home we made stops in Canmore and Cochrane (where Cathy's new and amazing house is to be built). All in all, a good, fun and relaxing trip!

We arrived home almost the same time as Duncan, who excitingly arrived with his long awaited and highly anticipated copy of ZELDA: THE WIND WAKER (gcn). Duncan and I popped out briefly to Walmart to have pictures developed and grab some Zelda playing food (aka chips/pop). Zelda is being played even now, and soon I shall return to dutifully watching my hero bravely battle all sorts of new foes!

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